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For Providers

These are quick links for referring partners to access information they need to connect participants with Avivo services or find specific information on our programs. This resource is currently under construction and being developed with feedback from partners. If you are looking for something you can’t find, please let us know, so we can make this a more worthwhile tool in the future.


Success Stories 

 Click HERE to learn more about the success of Avivo participants.


Career Education 

Learn About Career Education at Avivo  (Avivo Institute of Career and Technical Education)

Overview of Different Career Education Programs offered at Avivo

Current Course/Training Schedule (See when training programs start)

To enroll a participant in Avivo Institute of Career and Technical Education, call 612-752-8131 for an enrollment form. (soon to be online)


Chemical and Mental Health 

Learn About Chemical & Mental Health Services at Avivo

Information about Rule 25 referrals

Treatment records and correspondence, contact 612-752-8074 or email intakereferrals@avivomn.org

Admit to Outpatient Treatment for individuals, contact 612-752-8047 or email intakereferrals@avivomn.org

Admit to Family Residential or Outpatient Treatment programs (for women and children only), contact 612-752-8179 or email intakereferrals@avivomn.org.


Employment Services

To find an MFIP counselor and location, contact Julie at 612-752-8630.

The best way to for our career counselors to find just the right support of your client is to complete a participant Inquiry Form. If you have any questions, you may reach out to Sofi at 612-752-8445.