Our new name… Avivo

After a multi-year branding process, which engaged constituents and staff across the organization, we chose a new name that captures the essence of who we are. The new name is Avivo.

“During our name development process, which began with board and leadership approval in 2014,” shared Kelly Matter, RESOURCE President & CEO, “we determined that RESOURCE is unique – it’s the only organization that pairs chemical and mental health services with employment services.”

Pairing these services has enabled us to help people who struggle with the most complex barriers achieve recovery and obtain living wage jobs, sometimes for the first time in their lives.

“We believe that wellness is the foundation for life success,” added Matter. “And that health, and social and economic wellness transforms lives.”

“This is truly transformative work, not just for individuals, but for the whole community.”

Avivo (“vivo” means life) is an optimistic word that celebrates life. It honors every person’s unique journey. It evokes a sense of achievement and promise, and it envisions a world free from economic and health disparities.

The name and new brand will strengthen and unify our organization’s presence. It will help us forge new partnerships and grow our philanthropic support. It will increase our ability to advocate for the people we serve, and orchestrate a seamless experience for participants across multiple programs and services.

While our name is changing, our mission and services remain the same!

We are excited to share this journey with our participants, partners, volunteers, and funders! Questions? Contact Kim Sheagren at kim.sheagren@avivomn.org.