Jon Volunteers to Help People Get Jobs

Helping people get jobs is Jon’s “thing.” He started volunteering at Avivo a year ago,
working in the career education resource center. He helps people look for jobs, he
touches up their resumes, and he also prepares them for real-life interviews through
mock interviewing.

“I really like seeing people improve,” says Jon. “I like seeing the happiness that people
have if something ‘clicks.’”

Jon first heard about Avivo at a Minneapolis job fair, where he was looking for a
new paid job. That’s when he learned about a volunteer position that would be a great
match for his skill set.

Tyler Sadek, Avivo recruitment and business development coordinator, was thrilled
when Jon was willing to volunteer. “Jon’s been fantastic working with our job-seekers,”
he says. “For someone who didn’t have much exposure to the work we do before
volunteering, he picked it up quickly.”

An important part of Jon’s learning process has been helping people from a variety of
backgrounds. He’s helped everyone from recent immigrants to retired members of the
United States military.

“As long as you lead with courtesy and kindness, you go a long way,” Jon says. “You
don’t need to have grown up in the same neighborhood to have a good relationship with

Jon helped a mother who recently moved to Minnesota from the Middle East and is 20
years older than he is. “She was looking for a position in healthcare,” Jon says. “I gave
her positive and critical feedback so she can get the job that she wants.”
Jon loves how fulfilling his role can be, motivating people and teaching job-hunting

“If I can help people build those necessary skill sets they might have not acquired
elsewhere in life, then I feel like I’ve done something good.”

For more information on volunteering with Avivo, click here.