Avivo staff member develops winning model for best practices

Avivo is proud to announce that Tiffany Grandchamp, director of centralized access and
operations, was recently honored with the Collen J Goode Research into Practice
Poster Award for a model she developed to implement best practices.

“The award was very unexpected and humbling,” says Tiffany, who developed the
model originally for her previous employer. “The model I developed makes me excited
to be here, because we can do the same thing at Avivo.”

Best practices are incredibly important to a well-run and effective nonprofit organization.

“Avivo is committed to utilizing best practices to ensure we provide the most effective
services, and we’re fortunate to have Tiffany on our team,” says Kelly Matter, Avivo
President and CEO.

Tiffany’s model was chosen from a field of 65 evidence-based practice posters at the
2017 National Evidence Based Practice Conference, and judging took place over a
three-day period.