Taylor volunteers to share the beauty of art

“I’d like to bring some light to people if I can… bring some good vibes.” Taylor Payton is
an artist and Avivo ArtWorks volunteer. He found Avivo online after reading an article
suggesting finding fulfillment through volunteering. He volunteers every Thursday.

“He’s a gift to our studio,” says Program Manager Jes Reyes. “His positive nature and
engaging approach helps us create a safe and welcoming space for people to create art

Taylor grew up drawing and trying to replicate the things he saw in games and on TV. “I
didn’t want to consume, but create,” he says. “When I was fourteen, I was always
drawing in class. It was almost something I couldn’t help,” he laughs.

He earned a degree in media arts animation and started sharing his knowledge. “People
can derive pleasure when they see [art]… but it’s not the same as interacting with
others and being able to talk face-to- face and offer a little guidance or encouragement.”

Taylor’s volunteer experience is unique from week to week. “Almost every Thursday, it’s
a different thing… I always come away feeling fresh and rejuvenated, ready to go back
to work after seeing all the cool stuff people are doing.”

While volunteering, Taylor has met 20 to 25 artists, and is often inspired by them. One
of these artists has made an impact on Taylor through his use of colorful, vibrant art to
combat depression. Taylor was inspired “not only to travel, but to realize that if I feel

anything that could be considered depression, it can be beaten. You can still see the
world and do beautiful things.”

If you’re considering volunteering, Taylor has encouraging words: “Start to volunteer,
and give and feel what it’s like… there’s a new experience every time.”

For more information on volunteering with Avivo, click here.