Volunteering gives Sarah a chance to be part of the impact

“To know that I am part of a participant’s journey of getting a job, or landing a career, is
incredible,” shared Sarah Jorgenson, human resources manager for Caterpillar and
Avivo Business Partner Council member (BPC).

“About the time a coworker mentioned I should volunteer with Avivo, my nephew at age
21 entered treatment for drug and alcohol abuse,” she shared. “The more I learned
about Avivo, and the more participants I met, I felt an instant personal connection. I
knew I could help.”

As a BPC member, Sarah interacts with Avivo career education students who are
looking for employment. She has participated on employer expectations panels, hosted
tours at her workplace, and taught behavioral interview skills.

“At Avivo, your practical business knowledge can be used to address a community
need. When I come back from volunteering, ‘my bucket is filled.’”

“Seeing and experiencing the participants’ journey is to be a part of the impact story,”
shared Sarah. “That’s amazing.”

Caterpillar has hired two Avivo graduates over the past couple years. Jorgenson was
also instrumental in allocating Caterpillar Foundation local funds to help Avivo
implement an online jobs portal. The portal currently features an average of 400 open
positions, tailored and offered exclusively to Avivo job seekers.

For more information on volunteering with Avivo, click here.