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The Collective

Avivo ArtWorks Collective

Avivo ArtWorks supports dedicated artists who are committed to strengthening their professional artist skills and goals. They are organized to create art in community and challenge stigmas related to mental illness. Artists in this group have access to extended studio time, art supplies, career planning, specialized peer support, help developing and maintaining an artistic resume and statement, and exhibition opportunities. Collective members generally first begin to access the art program by becoming Community Support Program (CSP) members and by attending groups and activities. As an opening in The Collective becomes available, current and active artist members are encouraged to join.

The Collective’s Mission:

“As a collective of artists, we embrace diversity, build community and present publicly. In doing so, we are challenging mental health stigma, and demonstrating that people living with mental illness can achieve success in art and life. We also aim towards building personal leadership, encouraging individuality, and supporting one another in our lives and in recovery.”

If you are interested in purchasing artwork or requesting a commission while viewing artwork, please contact Tovah Rudawski at 612.916.5121 or tovah.rudawski@avivomn.org. All sales support the artists and Avivo ArtWorks.


Current Avivo ArtWorks Collective Artist Profiles (use arrows to see more):