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Avivo NatureWorks



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Avivo NatureWorks is a program within Avivo’s Community Support Program (CSP), which recognizes the restorative power of nature in recovery services. NatureWorks provides nature-based wellness activities and programming encouraging members to reconnect with the natural world to bolster members respect, appreciation, and awe of the Earth.

NatureWorks is founded on the principles of “EcoWellness”, an umbrella term for modalities that include the natural world in relationships of mutual healing and growth.

NatureWorks aims to:

  • Deepen members’ connectedness to nature
  • Foster a sense of responsibility to and for the protection, care, and stewardship of the environment
  • Cultivate a coalition of support for marginalized groups, specifically Black and Indigenous individuals, to reclaim the outdoors as a safe space

Bunny in grass, ready to be seen as part of NatureWorks at Avivo

NatureWorks activities will be offered in-person, in socially distanced settings and online Zoom sessions. Activities include the following:

  • Seasonal walking clubs
  • Interactions with animals (bird watching, animal-assisted activities, fishing, etc.)
  • Nature-based creative projects
  • Outdoor wellness
  • Environmental justice education
  • Eco-Poetics: writing in nature

Our Community Support Program focus areas offer free participation in FoodWorks, NatureWorks, and ArtWorks throughout Hennepin County.

See all of our upcoming events on our online calendar.

Do you have any additional questions? Please contact us with any questions by emailing Laura or Tovah, CSP program supervisors.