Avivo NatureWorks



Avivo NatureWorks is a program within Avivo’s Community Support Program (CSP), which ties recovery supports during the era of COVID-19 to wellness activities and programming that allows for social distancing in nature.

NatureWorks is founded on the principles of EcoWellness. EcoWellness is defined as “respect, appreciation, and awe of nature resulting in feeling connected and experiencing wellness.”

Bunny in grass, ready to be seen as part of NatureWorks at Avivo

NatureWorks activities will be offered in-person, in socially distanced settings, and also online through telehealth and Zoom sessions. Activities include the following:

  • Wilderness walks
  • Nature watching and outdoor appreciation
  • Fishing
  • Drum circles
  • Wilderness creative projects
  • Bird Watching
  • Detecting footprints

Our Community Support Program focus areas offer free participation in FoodWorks, NatureWorks, and ArtWorks throughout Hennepin County.

See all of our upcoming events in our December and January calendars.

Please contact us with any questions by emailing Brenda, CSP Program Manager, or by calling 612.752.8520.