How Avivo Is Helping End Homelessness in Minnesota

Avivo partners with Catholic Charities and Neighborhood House to help reduce homelessness in Minnesota

Thanks to a grant from the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development, Avivo is working with new partners to provide basic adult education, career education, and housing stability to 120 individuals experiencing homelessness over the next two years. More more about this partnership

We’re number 7 in reducing homelessness

Avivo provided housing support for 452 individuals experiencing homelessness in Minnesota last year, and is ranked seventh in Hennepin County’s Continuum of Care provider list. Find out why this is a big deal.

Avivo teaches housing program participants how to budget

One in three Americans prepares a monthly budget and follows it. Avivo is using Monopoly money to teach participants in our housing programs how to create and follow a budget. Read more.

Teaching the value of nutrition to mothers in intensive inpatient treatment

“The women… their strength and courage is inspiring.” Christianne Arnold is a doctoral student at the University of Minnesota – School of Nursing. Learn how she’s helping our staff teach mothers in Avivo’s intensive inpatient residential treatment program the value of nutrition.