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Accounting Support Training Program

This 236-hour (15 week) course covers accounting, QuickBooks, and business math for accounting and billing positions. Graduates are ready for entry level accounting support positions, including accounts payable and receivable, and billing and payroll.

At course conclusion you’ll have achieved:

  • Basic/intermediate comprehension of QuickBooks
  • QuickBooks User Certification
  • Accounting basics and business math
  • Intermediate use of Microsoft Office products

Entry-level jobs with QuickBooks Certified User Certification include:

  • Accounts Payable/Receivable ($17-$20/hour)
  • Loan Clerk ($14-$20/hour)

3+ years of experience and/or further certifications/associates degree:

  • Payroll Specialist ($21-$22/hour)
  • Tax Preparer ($18-$19/hour)

5+ years of experience and/or bachelors degree:

  • Actuary ($44-$45/hour)
  • Accountant ($26-$32/hour)

To learn more or request an enrollment or referral form, sign up for a free information session or email career.education@avivomn.org.


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