Urgent Needs

We need your help! The families we serve – often the most vulnerable in our community – have been hit with crisis upon crisis. First, COVID-19 brought new challenges to the delivery of our services and to daily life activities for our participants. Now, many grocery stores in their neighborhoods have been decimated by riots and fires.

We’ve established a food and supply “pantry” from which we can provide individuals and families with those necessary items they can no longer get in their community: non-perishable food (we do have minimal refrigeration as of June 18, so items like milk are now being accepted), baby and child supplies, personal hygiene products, and household supplies. We’re asking specifically for a variety of “kits” to address each need. If you’re able to purchase and assemble donations into these bundles it’ll help with efficient distribution to our Avivo families. If you’re only able to provide one piece of a kit, that’ll make a difference too.


Food Kits

For individuals experiencing homelessness who don’t have access to grocery stores due to destruction in their neighborhoods. See what’s in this kit.


New Mom Kits

For new moms in Avivo’s recovery programs. See what’s in this kit.


Move-in Kits

For individuals and families experiencing homelessness, many of whom have no basic housing necessities, who are being connected by Avivo to permanent housing and housing supports. See what’s in these three options for move-in kits.


Personal Care Kits

For individuals experiencing homelessness who don’t have access to convenience stores or other retailers due to destruction in their neighborhoods. See what’s in this kit.


Gift Cards

To support efforts to buy groceries and necessities that may not be part of these kits or needs listed above. Places like Target, Walmart, Aldi, Cub, HyVee, or anywhere else that necessities can be purchased.


Downloadable/printable PDF shopping ideas

If you’re looking for a printable version of these shopping lists, we’ve created a PDF you can print to bring shopping.

Cellular Phone & Tablets

We’re using technology to create the ability to reach at-risk communities we would typically serve face-to-face, using video technology instead. If you have any unused cell phones or tablets (Apple or Android) retired within the past 1-2 years, you could help change someone’s life by donating. Please make sure you’ve wiped the phone of any personal information and factory reset it to remove password prior to donating.


Donations can be delivered to Avivo location at 1825 Chicago Avenue in Minneapolis (note: this is different from our main office at 1900 Chicago Avenue, it’s across the street) Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., beginning Thursday, June 4. There’s no need to call ahead. Please email Gina at gina.peterson@avivomn.org with any questions. Corporate or business groups, please contact Lisa at lisa.bigaouette@avivomn.org.