Antoinette’s Story

“I love being a mom. It’s the best thing ever,” says Antoinette, 24.

Antoinette’s relationship with her 3-year-old daughter means the world to her. Just a few months ago they were living together in supportive housing for youth, when Antoinette decided it was time for a change. She needed a way to independently support herself and her daughter. That’s when her housing case manager referred her to Avivo’s youth employment program.

“I love being a mom. It’s the best thing ever.”

With Avivo’s help, Antoinette is on track to start a career as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and find financial and housing stability.

“I talked to Mai at Avivo,” says Antoinette. “Mai just took me in and helped me. I really appreciated that.”

Mai Yang is a youth programs career counselor at Avivo. With Mai’s help and guidance, Antoinette was able to find, and pay for, a spot in a CNA certification course.

“I’m certified now,” says Antoinette. “It feels really, really, really good.”

“I’m certified now [as a CNA],” says Antoinette. “It feels really, really, really good.”

Now, Antoinette is looking for the first job of her new career. She’s interested in finding employment at hospitals or nursing homes.

“My number one goal, once I get a job, is to get my daughter a savings account,” she says. “For rainy days, or if anything were to happen… just so she wouldn’t be in need.”

Antoinette is excited to move off of public assistance and looks forward to earning enough to move into a two-bedroom apartment or townhome. After securing housing and opening a savings account, she’d like to take care of her father as he ages and continue to advance in her nursing career.

“I’m trying to go higher up [in nursing education] to the LPN, to RN… I’m trying to push all the way,” she says. “But I’m going to take it step by step.”