Wellness Works

We believe that addressing overall wellness – health, social and economic wellness – is the foundation of making lasting change in the lives of people we serve.

Paired services for lasting success

Avivo is unique. Individuals receive a whole person approach. Our participants experience the greatest success because we pair our services so they are fully supported in achieving their recovery, economic, and family goals.

Each person’s situation is different, and most people will find everything they need at Avivo: recovery services with access to housing, career education training opportunities, and help finding a job.

To supplement what we offer at Avivo, we have partners with a network of community providers, employers, training centers, and health care providers.

Wellness approach

Avivo became a tobacco-free organization on July 30, 2018. Studies show that individuals living with serious mental illness and substance abuse disorders die 25 years earlier than the rest of the population. Life is shorter for this population because of modifiable, potentially correctable conditions like smoking, obesity, and others.

Our treatment and recovery programs also incorporate healthy eating and cooking, mindfulness, movement, and many other wellness-based tools in our approach.

We believe everyone deserves the chance to live well and work well.

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