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Teaching the value of nutrition to mothers in recovery

“The women… their strength and courage is inspiring.” Christianne Arnold is a doctoral student at the University of Minnesota – School of Nursing. Learn how she’s helping our staff learn how to teach mothers in recovery the value of nutrition.

"He’s helped so many of our program participants find jobs.”

Learn about Steve, a volunteer at our St. Cloud office, who enjoys meeting, and helping, people who come from a variety of different backgrounds.

"Minnesota spends millions on workforce training. Here's how they track whether those programs are actually effective."

Minnesota nonprofits like Avivo help thousands of people every year, with help from Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED). MinnPost highlights Avivo as they explore how DEED is able to measure success when they’re talking about individual lives. Read more from MinnPost.

Adopt-A-Family breaks records in 2017

Thanks to our Adopt-A-Family donors, 300 families have gifts for 2017’s holiday season! Learn more about how this year’s donors helped more people receive gifts than ever before.

"With tobacco ban, local nonprofits try to break the smoking/recovery connection."

MinnPost highlights Avivo and two other nonprofits as we move toward non-smoking facilities to help our program participants break the smoking/recovery connection. Read more from MinnPost.

Avivo teaches program participants how to budget

One in three Americans prepares a monthly budget and follows it. Avivo is using Monopoly money to help lower-income program participants learn how to create and follow a budget. Read more.

"Amid worker shortage, DEED prioritizes investment in employment training programs."

MinnPost highlights Avivo as they explore Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) efforts to expand our workforce. Read more from MinnPost.

Adopt-A-Family 2017

Seeing someone’s smile after they get a gift they love is one of the best feelings of the holiday season. For many families in our programs, purchasing gifts for their children can be difficult, or even impossible. Learn how you can help.

Our new name... Avivo

After a multi-year branding process, which engaged constituents and staff across the organization, we chose a new name that captures the essence of who we are. The new name is Avivo (formerly RESOURCE).

Avivo plans to be tobacco-free by July of 2018

Learn more about how Avivo plans to be tobacco-free by July of 2018.

“If I can help people build those necessary skill sets they might have not acquired elsewhere in life, then I feel like I’ve done something good.”

Learn about Jon, who volunteers to help people get jobs.

“The award was very unexpected and humbling.”

Learn about Avivo staff member Tiffany and the award she won that will help Avivo more efficiently serve participants.

“It’s everything. It’s my purpose.”

Learn about how Jude volunteers to help mothers in treatment connect with their babies.

“I’d like to bring some light to people if I can… bring some good vibes.”

Learn more about why Taylor volunteers and how he shares the beauty of art with Avivo ArtWorks participants.

“To know that I am part of a participant’s journey of getting a job, or landing a career, is incredible.”

Find out how volunteering gives Sarah, an Avivo Business Partner Council member, the chance to be part of the impact

Avivo receives Minneapolis’ 2016 Youth Services Partner Award

Learn more about the City of Minneapolis award honors Avivo with delivering exceptional services to Minneapolis youth.