Our Vitals

Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

Avivo increases well-being through recovery and career advancement while working to end homelessness.

Our Vision

Our communities are free of economic and health inequities.

Our Commitment

We are committed to undoing racism and reducing disparities experienced by the people we serve.

Our Affirmation:

Avivo is HERE. We work to end Homelessness. We provide Education and training. We support Recovery and mental health. We prepare people for Employment and success.

Our Values

We have an absolute commitment to the dignity of all people.
We walk alongside our community without judgement while offering an integrated continuum of services to help people thrive. Everyone deserves to be happy, healthy and valued.

We extend a radical welcome.
Avivo provides hospitality in spaces that are safe, inclusive and culturally relevant to our staff, participants and community. We celebrate the power of living authentically and commit to fostering a culture that rewards the courage to do so.

We lean into curiosity.
We are encouraged, equipped and empowered to support transformational change. We ask questions, take risks, listen to those we serve, and humbly embrace learning. We are a community of professionals seeking to advance the science, art and life-changing impact of our work, while having fun doing it!

We believe that everyone deserves the tools to be well – to be healthy, and economically and socially well.