Community Support Program

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Welcome to Avivo’s Community Support Program (CSP), which consists of three focus areas: FoodWorks, NatureWorks, and ArtWorks. Each of our program focus areas offers unique activities, online via Zoom, as well as in-person outdoor drop-in opportunities for community-building and connecting to resources.

Community Support Program staff and program participants in Avivo's Community Support Program create ceramics as party of a weekly ceramics activity.

Membership is free, and members (and those interested in becoming members) will find:

  • Drop-in community activities (check the calendar for activities near you)
  • Health & wellness activities and education
  • Employment preparation and support
  • Social and recreational activities
  • Connection to community resources
  • Educational speakers and groups
  • Recovery and mental health support


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Our Community Support Program focus areas offer free participation in FoodWorks, NatureWorks, and ArtWorks throughout Hennepin County.

Avivo ArtWorks is a program within Avivo’s Community Support Program, which supports artists living with mental illness as they create art, build community, and reduce stigma. ArtWorks programming is founded on the principles of arts access, recovery, and social justice.

Avivo FoodWorks is a program within Avivo’s Community Support Program, which meets a community need. Food-based programming helps fill a recurring need shared by members: access to affordable, healthy food options. Programming also provides an opportunity for community partnerships with businesses in the food service and horticulture industries.

Avivo NatureWorks is a program within Avivo’s Community Support Program, which recognizes the restorative power of nature in recovery services. NatureWorks provides nature-based wellness activities and programming encouraging members to reconnect with the natural world to bolster members respect, appreciation, and awe of the Earth.

To request an intake or ask additional questions, please email Laura or Tovah, Avivo’s CSP program supervisors.