Avivo’s COVID-19 Response

Due to the impacts of COVID-19, we’ve temporarily changed our volunteer program to keep our volunteers, staff, and program participants healthy.

We’re currently accepting groups to volunteer on-site to help with painting and landscaping projects. We’ve temporarily put our individual on-site volunteer options on hold for now.

Both individuals and groups are welcome to volunteer to support individuals and families in Avivo’s programs by donating items on our Wish List or volunteering to assemble donated items for any of our kits listed below.

Deloitte volunteers get started on a volunteer project benefiting families in Avivo’s recovery programs.


Kit assembly volunteer needs (contents for kits can be collected through a drive, purchased, or donated):

  • Adult Welcome Basket: Provide mothers in our 24/7 family recovery program with basic necessities. Suggested items are alarm clock, water bottle, journal with pen, coloring book with colored pencils, affirmation cards, towel, toothpaste & toothbrush, shampoo & conditioner, body wash and Loofah, deodorant. 
    Adult welcome basket with basic living supplies.


  • Children’s Welcome Basket: Provide children with unique items and supplies for in-home activities. Suggested items are coloring book and colored pencils/markers, games/puzzles/activities, toothpaste & toothbrush, shampoo & conditioner, body wash. 
    Donate children's basket of unique items


  • Hygiene kits: Provide people in our programs with basic necessities. Suggested items include shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotion, comb/pick, feminine products.


  • Job search kits: Help people land their first job, next job, or their dream job. Suggested items include 3-ring binders, daily planners, pens, notepads, flash drives.
  • Snack packs: Support our program participants by giving them a boost of energy. Suggested items include fruit cups, granola bars, bottled water.


  • Cleaning kits: Support our program participants by providing them with the tools needed to clean their new home. Suggested items include all-purpose cleaner, Windex, sponges, dish soap, hand soap, garbage bags, paper towels, mops/brooms.


  • Kitchen essentials kits: Help our program participants and their families transitioning from homelessness to ensure they have the kitchen supplies they need. Suggested items include dish soap, sponges, drying racks, dish towels, serving spoons/spatulas, can openers, pots, pans.


  • Welcome home kits: Help families moving out of a shelter and into their own home feel welcome. Suggested items include laundry basket, toilet paper, plunger, shower curtain/rings, towels/washcloths. Additional items could include doormats, bathroom rugs, coffee pots, refrigerator magnets, and smaller picture frames.


  • Quit kits: Help our program participants quit smoking by providing them with resources and alternatives. Suggested items include straws, sugar free gum, a water bottle with fidget toy.

Please contact volunteers@avivomn.org to learn more and schedule a volunteer project at Avivo!


Avivo is a certified Service Enterprise organization that leverages volunteers and their skills throughout all levels of the organization, benefiting our volunteers, our employees, and our program participants.

Business Partnership Council

Avivo’s Business Partner Council is an innovative network of employers and professionals committed to strengthening Minnesota’s workforce and communities.

Members of our Business Partner Council gain access to our diverse and highly skilled job candidates.

Membership opportunity and benefits:

  • Help ensure Avivo’s credentialed training curriculum is relevant to the needs of Minnesota businesses.
  • Assist participants as they launch their careers by facilitating career education activities.
  • Network with other Minnesota business professionals.
  • Experience meaningful volunteer work. Help people remove their barriers to self-sufficiency as they pursue their career goals.

Business partner volunteer commitment:

  • Provide direction on curriculum and programming by attending Business Partner Council meetings and participating in other subcommittees.
  • Facilitate career advancement activities for students and program participants.
  • Engage your business/employer as a hiring liaison for qualified Avivo candidates, including recruitment of program participants and graduates for competitive wage positions.
  • Get involved or facilitate training sessions that match your interests.
  • Offer mentorship to program participants and students.

To learn more about being a member of our Business Partner Council, contact Jim Roth by phone at 612.447.9420 or email jim.roth@avivomn.org.

Already a member of our Business Partner Council? Log in into the Business Partner Council Portal.