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Rania’s Story

“When you have a career, you have a future,” shares Rania, graduate of Avivo Institute of Career and Technical Education. With support from Avivo, Rania secured a career position in accounting in just two months.

Originally from Egypt, Rania holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from a school in her native country. She worked for five years as an accounts payable specialist before marrying her husband and moving to Minnesota.

“When you have a career, you have a future.”

For 12 years, Rania was able to stay at home and raise her three children, now ages 11, 8 and 3. “My husband was working two jobs,” Rania adds. “When he was laid off, I decided I should go back to work.”

It was like starting all over again. She reached out to Metro North Adult Basic Education and took classes and got her GED. “They recommended I go back to school,” she said. “But with three kids, that would’ve been too hard.”

Then she was referred to Avivo’s accounting support training program. “[The program] was only four months. It was hard, but I took it serious and I aced all my tests and exams. All the teachers were proud of me. I really enjoyed it.”

“I wanted a career. I have a dream to be working in accounting. That’s why Avivo was so important.”

After graduating, an Avivo employment counselor helped Rania write her resume, connected her with job fairs, and worked with her on interviewing. Rania was matched with one of Avivo’s business partners, who placed her as a contract, full-time, accounts payable specialist with Parsons, an electrical and technology provider. She’s getting good experience for long-term, permanent employment.

Without Avivo, Rania says she would’ve had to get just any job. “I wanted a career. I have a dream to be working in accounting. That’s why Avivo was so important.”