Kevin’s Story

Kevin finds a new career that’s just right

Kevin has autism, which makes certain activities difficult for him that might come easily for others. Socializing is one of those things. He’s currently working full-time in the Geek Squad call center at Best Buy, but it took the right support to find the right job for him.

Kevin had a great internship with a large Twin Cities company that ended after two years, and he’s very matter-of-fact when talking about how it ended. “I lost my job because the contract expired and, also, I wasn’t performing,” says Kevin.

He wasn’t surprised to have his contract come to an end. Kevin knew that his performance issues were largely linked to the effects of autism. He needed to find a job that would be a good fit, and knew he’d need training in a new field to get that job. That’s when he heard about Avivo.

His first step was to enter the Information Technology (IT) training program so he could get his A-Plus Certification, which is an important first step for an entry-level computer technician.

“My counselor helped me study,” Kevin says. “I went to helpful things like job clubs, where we learned how to interact with an employer.”

Frank Herd, Kevin’s career counselor at Avivo, is excited to see the progress Kevin’s made. “He’s a self-aware young man, sincerely invested in doing what he can to meet his goals,” Frank says. “He understands the ways his disability could affect his career goals and job search, which is helpful for navigating those limitations.”

Kevin is excited that he found a career path matching his needs. “I like my work and being helpful,” he says, “I like my co-workers and they also like me.”