Red Lake Nation partners with Avivo to find housing for 100 native people in tent city



The outreach by Red Lake and Avivo’s case management team will match Red Lake tribal members and other native people with housing and supportive services in four to six months

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. – November 5, 2018 – Red Lake Nation formalized a partnership with Avivo, a Minneapolis-based nonprofit behavioral health and workforce development organization. Red Lake is working with Avivo to address the growing population of homeless native people living in the Minneapolis homeless encampment at Cedar and Hiawatha Avenues. Over the next four to six months, Red Lake and Avivo will place 100 native people from the encampment in housing across the Twin Cities.

According to Red Lake Secretary Sam Strong, Red Lake’s Tribal Council has been working with key community members and State government representatives to find a creative and effective solution to the growing crisis. Strong has been impressed with the outreach work Avivo initiated over the past few months among people living in the tent city, the Wall of Forgotten Natives.

“They were always there, addressing personal needs and providing supplies requested by the community. They were offering connections to housing, chemical and mental health services, and supportive services,” shared Strong.

“Red Lake’s vision and goals for this outreach are inspiring,” shares Emily Bastian, Avivo director who leads the organization’s mental health case management and housing teams. “We’re uniquely fit to respond to the pace of the effort, with our skills and reputation in finding housing and connecting individuals with supportive services. We have a diverse housing and case management team and are located in the heart of this neighborhood.”

The Red Lake partnership has Avivo immediately assigning 30 housing team members to the outreach effort. “Our goal is to reach people with the lowest barriers possible first. We are well-connected with housing options in the communities. We also have resources to connect individuals to treatment, mental health and supportive services at Avivo and other partner agencies.” Avivo is in the process of hiring a team of five dedicated staff for the efforts. The goal is to house 100 individuals in four to six months.

About Red Lake Nation
Red Lake Nation is located in northern Minnesota and is owned and occupied entirely by members of the Red Lake Band—the only closed reservation in Minnesota. Red Lake Tribal Council consists of three officers, eight elected representatives and six hereditary chiefs.

About Avivo
Avivo serves more than 18,000 Minnesotans each year, helping them achieve recovery, employment, and economic advancement. Founded in 1960, Avivo provides chemical and mental health services, career education, and employment services. We specialize in helping individuals and families who face personal or systemic barriers – poverty, homelessness, joblessness, chemical addiction or mental health concerns – achieve recovery and economic stability. We believe everyone deserves the chance to live well and work well.