Group Volunteer Opportunities

Avivo offers a variety of group volunteer opportunities, both on-site and off-site. Please contact us at to explore group volunteer opportunities that are right for you.

Kit assembly volunteer needs (contents for kits can be collected through a drive, purchased, or donated):

  • Hygiene kits: Provide people in our programs with basic necessities. Suggested items include shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotion, comb/pick, feminine products.
  • Job search kits: Help people land their first job, next job, or their dream job. Suggested items include 3-ring binders, daily planners, pens, notepads, flash drives.
  • Snack packs: Support our program participants by giving them a boost of energy. Suggested items include fruit cups, granola bars, bottled water.
  • Cleaning kits: Support our program participants by providing them with the tools needed to clean their new home. Suggested items include all-purpose cleaner, Windex, sponges, dish soap, hand soap, garbage bags, paper towels, mops/brooms.
  • Kitchen essentials kits: Help our program participants and their families transitioning from homelessness to ensure they have the kitchen supplies they need. Suggested items include dish soap, sponges, drying racks, dish towels, serving spoons/spatulas, can openers, pots, pans.
  • Welcome home kits: Help families moving out of a shelter and into their own home feel welcome. Suggested items include laundry basket, toilet paper, plunger, shower curtain/rings, towels/washcloths. Additional items could include doormats, bathroom rugs, coffee pots, refrigerator magnets, and smaller picture frames.
  • Quit kits: Help our program participants quit smoking by providing them with resources and alternatives. Suggested items include straws, sugar free gum, a water bottle with fidget toy.

Seasonal volunteer project needs (fun projects for families, friends, businesses, book clubs, or any group):

  • Build-a-Backpack Initiative: Backpacks filled with new school supplies give children confidence on the first day of school and beyond. Options include hosting a collection drive, donating supplies, helping to sort and assemble supplies for distribution.
  • Adopt-A-Family Holiday Gifts: Purchase holiday gifts for a family participating in an Avivo program. You/Your group will be provided with a Holiday Gift Box gift wish list.

On-site at an Avivo location:

  • Caring cooks: Provide a meal for families participating in career advancement workshops or family programming. Prepare and serve a meal one time, monthly, or quarterly.
  • Mock interviewers: Provide valuable practice for participants to refine their interviewing skills. This is a great opportunity for co-workers and work teams.
  • Facilities projects: Volunteer your time by getting physical! Our projects include yard work, painting, and demolition — to name a few!