Candace’s Story

Overcoming addiction: Candace’s story

People recovering from addiction usually have one focus: to make themselves better. Add kids into the mix and recovery becomes even more challenging. Candace is working hard to recover from addiction while also raising her two kids, Teelan and Mykela. She’s faced challenges along the way, but is on the path toward success.

“Before I came to Avivo, I was in a very bad time in my life. I was using alcohol and meth and I got my children taken away for about 14 months,” says Candace.

When she first attempted treatment, she wasn’t ready. Eventually, she hit rock bottom and was forced to make a choice. “I was given an option. Get my life back together or my kids would get taken for good. I would never see them again,” Candace says.

Candace motivated herself to change, for the sake of her kids.

Now, nearly completing Avivo treatment program for mothers and their children, Candace is getting closer to recovery. Her son, Teelan, has noticed the positive change in his mom. “To me she’s always been a good mom, but she became better,” he says. “When we were in the place away from her, she realized [it] and she gained a lot of strength to get us back … She worked hard.”

“I don’t have much family, so Avivo is my family.”

Candace is inspired to keep going, and she’s appreciative of the help she’s receiving from staff at Avivo. “My counselors have helped me a lot to become a better person. They’re a big support. I don’t have much family, so Avivo is my family.”

Candace is hoping to go back to school and get her GED, then go on to college. She wants to make sure she’s there for her kids as they grow up.

“I don’t want to put my children through all the things I went through,” she says. “When I think about my kids’ futures, I would hope that they would graduate from school, go to college, and just have a bright future.”

If her son Teelan is any indication, she has them on the right track. “When I grow up I want to be an NBA player,” he says, “and if that doesn’t work out I want to be an engineer.”