A mother’s journey toward financial stability starts with an Avivo flyer

An Avivo flyer India discovered in a food shelf bag in a moment of need led her to Avivo’s employment services. Her journey with Avivo is a testament to her resilience and her innate need to help others. Now, she’s working in a job she loves as a career counselor helping people in similar situations she endured.

When India became pregnant at 22, she was living with her mother which allowed her to support herself and her baby. Ever since high school she’d worked at least one job, sometimes as many as three, to support herself or her family.

A car crash started a series of events that set her life in a new direction. Injuries from the accident left her wearing a neck brace for seven months. Around that same time her mother moved out of the area, leaving her on her own for the first time in her life. Then, the COVID-19 pandemic began. The domino effect was profound – loss of childcare and jobs, unpaid bills, a broken-down car, and even homelessness.

That’s when India visited a food shelf and found the Avivo flyer in her bag of groceries.

“I was alone and in a dark place,” India reflects. “Getting support from Avivo was a blessing. My counselors were amazing. I was so inspired by them – I hoped to one day be on Avivo’s team.”

“Getting support from Avivo was a blessing. My counselors were amazing. I was so inspired by them – I hoped to one day be on Avivo’s team.”

At Avivo she received career counseling and other vital supports: resume building, credit repair classes, securing health insurance, and assistance with groceries, gas, household supplies and diapers.

“They helped me dream of a future career,” shares India. “I didn’t want to go back to a desk job… When I went back to work, I wanted it to match who I was as a person.”

With Avivo’s help, she was able to purchase a Chromebook and attend online classes. India was able to purchase a reliable vehicle with the help of MicroGrants, a Minnesota nonprofit that helps families with small grants for transportation, education and small business startup. She accepted a modeling position for Fashion Week Minnesota and also a full-time job as an overnight advocate lead at a youth shelter. Despite those jobs, she still needed to earn more to support herself and her four-year-old son.

The turning point came when she saw that Avivo had job openings. India had the opportunity to join their team. She was hired as a resident advocate for Avivo’s transitional recovery housing team and has since changed roles to become a career counselor.

“Avivo helped me connect the dots in my life. They pushed me, always helping me to keep moving forward … I see what a difference they are making, and I get to continue to be a part of that.”

To ensure that Avivo services are available to help more parents and adults like India, consider making an online gift to Avivo.