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Medical Office Support Career Training Program

Student learns about medical office terminology as part of Avivo's Medical Office Support career training program.

This Medical Office Support short-term career training program teaches skills and knowledge related to medical terminology, human anatomy, introductory billing and coding, the culture of healthcare, electronic health records, release of information, ethics, medical software, and more. Graduates are equipped for careers in medical office, patient registration, and billing and scheduling.

Graduates will acquire skills and knowledge in:

  • Functions of an office environment, including computer use and Microsoft Office programs.
  • Compiling, processing, and maintaining medical information.
  • Medical scheduling and billing software.
  • Speaking and using medical terminology.

Entry-level jobs after course and MediSoft training include:

  • Medical Assistant or Receptionist ($16-$20/hour)
  • Patient Representative ($13-$18/hour)

Medical Office Support Career pathways requiring 3+ years of experience and/or further certifications/associates degree:

  • Medical Coder ($20-$21/hour)
  • Laboratory Technician ($18-$22/hour)

Sample jobs requiring 5+ years of experience and/or bachelors degree:

  • Health Services Manager ($34-$46/hour)
  • Administrative Manager ($28-$40/hour)


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    If you have any additional questions, please email career.education@avivomn.org or visit the Avivo Institute of Career & Technical Education.