Office Support Specialist Training Program

This 156-hour (10 week) course teaches skills and knowledge related to office support, including customer support, effective communication, job-seeking skills, building business relationships, creating cover letters and resumes, job search, and Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, and Powerpoint. Graduates are equipped for careers in office support, including administrative assistant, clerical, office assistant, and receptionist.

Graduates acquire skills and knowledge in:

  • Using customer service skills in an office environment.
  • Cover letter and resume writing
  • Using Microsoft Office software.

Entry-level jobs after the course include:

  • Office Support Specialist ($12-$14/hour)
  • Account Representative ($13-$18/hour)

Career pathways requiring 3+ years of experience and/or further certifications/associates degree:

  • Executive Administration ($21-$27/hour)
  • Paralegal ($24-$26/hour)

Sample jobs requiring 5+ years of experience and/or bachelors degree:

  • Human Resources Specialist ($24-$28/hour)
  • Administrative Manager ($29-$40/hour)


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