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Avivo ArtWorks is a program within Avivo’s Community Support Program (CSP), which supports artists living with mental illness as they create art, build community, and reduce stigma. ArtWorks programming is founded on the principles of arts access, recovery, and social justice.

According to the National Endowment For The Arts, “When people engage in art, they themselves may change and ‘grow,’ they and their communities can become more vital, and the economic benefits to artists and the overall market can increase and accrue. Art contributes to and enriches the overall quality of life.”

Avivo ArtWorks activities include:

  • Art classes
  • Art groups
  • Art kits
  • Creative writing
  • Performance
  • Community exhibitions
  • Mural-creation
  • Artist career support
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Community organizing

Avivo ArtWorks also includes the ArtWorks Collective, which is a group of professional artists dedicated to strengthening their skills and creating goals, and to challenge stigma related to mental illness. Visit ArtWorks’ gallery on Weebly to see our latest projects and displays.

Above photo by Max Haynes.


Current Art Exhibits:

Anna Lundblad

May – June 2021

Hennepin County – East Lake Library

2727 E. Lake Street, Minneapolis, MN 55406

For more info on location and hours, please visit here.

Artist Statement:
I am a mixed media artist. I use found and vintage items such as buttons, brooches, broken jewelry, and different textiles to create images of wonder. The color red is prevalent in my collage and assemblage work along with sparkles, vintage botanical images, and rich textures. Some of these images allow for the audience to experience the sacred. My motivation to create this artwork is to explore the unknown and the mystery of why we choose to have certain beliefs over others.

Anna is an artist living and working in South Minneapolis. When she is not creating art, she can be found cruising around the galaxy in search of adventure and vintage clothing. While waiting for the zombie apocalypse she lives with her spouse, her 4 cats, and her zany dog.


Kimberly A. Laudert

May – June 2021

Hennepin County – East Lake Library

2727 E. Lake Street, Minneapolis, MN 55406

For more info on location and hours, please visit here.

Artist Statement:
I am a self-taught, multi-disciplinary visual artist who is lesbian and lives with mental illness.

For me art fosters measurable ways to connect with and serve others.  Art fuses meaning and purpose, and thru it, supports my, and others, well-being. Art nurtures beauty and hope as it inspires others and me. I have been working for almost 2 years developing and honing my needle felting skills. I am building access to, and further opening life-long learning art experiences of needle felting and other fiber arts projects to underserved communities.

I thrive because I believe that darkness, difficulty, and even death can give rise to creativity, grace, and joy. I keep this in mind as I work with fiber, acrylic, charcoal, drawing, and other forms of visual art. Over the last year, I have focused my time on building skills in order to transform needle felting into a “painterly” medium. Since the beginning of the pandemic, I have also found myself returning to the practice of writing poetry in order to infuse new energy into my overall creative process. I am currently creating new pieces; wall hangings that are made from natural objects as well as other repurposed materials.

I create art because I am called to do so, in order to bring beauty, passion and emotion into the world. I believe that the difficulties in life often also provide me with inspiration and beauty, even when I am “in deep.” Mental health and physical issues inform some of the best art and poetry I have created. It drove me to declare my “Year of Art” in August 2017. That “Year of Art” transformed me into where I am now as an artist. It led me to Artibility and Avivo. Art continues to be the constant ribbon moving throughout my life. Everything and every experience have the potential to sponsor and create appreciation, and thus, underscoring and encouraging life.

Kimberly A. Laudert practices in drawing, painting, and fiber art. She has exhibited with Artability, Sower Gallery, Avivo ArtWorks, and Hennepin County Libraries. She has participated Art-A-Whirl, St. Paul Art Crawl, and with Wild Women’s Artisan Guild.  She is a member of the Avivo ArtWorks Collective, has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Minnesota, Duluth, and is a poet and feminist activist. Currently, Kimberly is working on commissions and expanding her portfolio. Kimberly is a recent recipient of the Creative Support for Individuals grant through the Minnesota State Arts Board to address mental health stigma and create a collaborative, community-based art project.

abstract collage by Shelley
Artwork by Shelley

Putting the Pieces Back Together: Art from Collage Club 

​A virtual display of artwork from artist members of Collage Club, a group supported by Avivo ArtWorks Peer Specialist Rick Carey.

View the show here.

This winter and spring, Avivo CSP Members participated in a two-month exploration of collage from January to March 2021 led by Avivo ArtWorks Peer Support Specialist Rick Carey.

Artists of varying experience explored different styles ranging from portrait, to landscape, to mosaic, and drew inspiration from pieces by world famous artists like Henri Matisse and Franz Marc.

All participants were invited to share work either from or inspired by Collage Club to be published in this virtual gallery, and we are happy to present the variety and creativity of the works created by those who volunteered.


Upcoming shows and exhibitions:

More info to come!


Overcoming – July 2021

Hennepin County Library – East Lake

Solo exhibitions from Avivo ArtWorks Collective Members

Above art by Martha Bird


T.L. Reeves & Martha Bird – August 2021   

Hennepin County Library – East Lake

Solo exhibitions from Avivo ArtWorks Collective Members

Above art by T.L Reeves


Art Made in Community September 2021   

Hennepin County Family Justice Center (4th floor, 100 S. 4th Street, Minneapolis, MN)

A group exhibition featuring an archive of work made in the Avivo ArtWorks community studio.

Above art by Deborah R. Flye


Ellie Kidder & Morgan Brooke – November 2021     

Hennepin County Library – East Lake

Solo exhibitions from Avivo ArtWorks Collective Members

Above art by Morgan Brooke


Crossroads – December 2021

Hennepin Theatre Trust, December 2021 – January 2022

A group exhibition featuring new work from artists from the Avivo ArtWorks Collective

Above art: ArtWorks Community Art


Our Community Support Program focus areas offer free participation in FoodWorks, NatureWorks, and ArtWorks throughout Hennepin County.

See all of our upcoming events in our April and May calendars.

Please contact us with any questions by emailing Lynn, CSP Program Manager, or by calling 612.404.9315.