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Minnesotans to Work

Avivo is one of the largest nonprofit workforce development partners in the State of Minnesota. For more than 55 years, we have served individuals and families who experience the greatest barriers to success: homelessness, poverty, substance abuse, serious mental illness, disabilities, lack of education, or limited English language skills. We help nearly 5,000 individuals find employment and enter careers every year.

We specialize in addressing health and economic disparities experienced by nearly 15,000 people annually. Of the individuals who we help secure employment, nearly 2,900 are moving off of welfare and taking care of their families. Individuals who complete treatment get connected to training and employment services.

Our participants nearly always increase their wages 30 to 100 percent, with more than 80 percent keeping jobs for six months or more.

We are a hiring partner of hidden and diverse talent for Minnesota businesses, particularly for those in the health care, manufacturing, automation, and maintenance industries. Our career school, Avivo Institute of Career and Technical Education, along with our employment counselors, equip workforce-ready graduates for livable wage jobs and advancement.